What is affiliate marketing? Earn from affiliate marketing

Friends today in this article I will tell about affiliate marketing tutorials. If you have a blog website or a YouTube channel, you can earn money by doing affiliate marketing. In the previous article, I said about the means of earning money from blogs and earning money from YouTube. However, Google AdSense has proved to be the best medium among them. But nowadays it has become much more profitable to earn money through affiliate marketing(affiliate marketing tutorial)

So let’s find out what affiliate marketing is. Just how to do affiliate marketing. About all the questions about how to earn money from it. Remember, you need a YouTube channel or blog website to make money with affiliate marketing. Also, you can do affiliate marketing on your Facebook page or other social media, but it will not be much profitable. (Affiliate Marketing pdf)

Friends, let’s find out the full details of Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing India) below.

What is affiliate marketing? (what is affiliate marketing)

Affiliate marketing is a medium through which you can promote anything online including digital products, online physical products of online companies, and promote affiliate links on your YouTube, blog, or social media pages. You will earn some commission when someone buys from your promoted link. The online website company will decide how much commission to pay you.

So I can say simply – affiliate marketing is marketing through which you will make people interested in buying any online product. And if someone buys that product, you will get a commission. You can sell any digital product online. For example, you can sell WordPress themes, domains, hosting, and online software marketing on your own website or on YouTube.

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I hope you understand what affiliate marketing is.

How to start affiliate marketing? (How to start affiliate marketing?)

(1) First you should have a website, YouTube channel, other social media page, and Facebook page and they should have a large number of visitors. And these four are the best means of marketing.

(2) If you have a Facebook page, blog, or YouTube channel, you can join any of the affiliate programs. Then you can promote their products.

(3) After joining the affiliate program, you have to choose which of their products you will promote on your blog, YouTube, and page.

(4) You will be given an affiliate link in exchange for all the products you redeem. After promoting that link visitors can buy directly from the link.

(5) Now you can do marketing by sharing the affiliate link of the product on your blog, website, Facebook page, or group and YouTube channel.

(6) You will get a commission if someone buys a product from your sponsored product.

You can start affiliate marketing through these 6 things above. Hope you understand easily how to start affiliate marketing.

Earn from affiliate marketing

People are earning lakhs of rupees every month by doing affiliate marketing. You can earn from affiliate marketing if you try from the beginning. But affiliate marketing must take time to understand. It means you have to be an expert in some areas.

Suppose, you promote a domain hosting link on the blog or YouTube channel. Now 15 people bought from your promoted link in 1 month. You get a 20% commission from each product. And the price of the product sold is 5000 rupees. Then you will have income in 1 month.

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The price of the product is 5000 x 15 = 75000 Tk

You get commission 75000 ÷ 20 = 3750 Tk

Then you will get a commission of 3750 takas per month. And the more sales you make, the more commissions you will earn. In this way, you can gradually earn more income.

Earning from affiliate marketing depends entirely on,

  • How much money did you sell?
  • As per how much commission the company gives you from each item.
  • How many products have you sold through affiliate links?
  • What is the market demand for the products you have promoted?

The above things are above and the commission paid by the company will depend on how much you can earn per month.

Profitable Affiliate Marketing Sites

You can use affiliate programs of all kinds of online companies, big or small. However, there are some famous networks among them that will give you higher commissions. All those affiliate networks are mentioned below.

  1. Amazon affiliate program
  2. filpkart affiliate program
  3. eBay affiliate program
  4. Go Daddy (domain history) affiliate program
  5. Hostgator affiliate program

Apart from these, you will find many more affiliate programs. They will also give you a good amount of commission. To know their name, go to Google and write affiliate program and search for details and join.

Some questions about affiliate marketing and their answers

Question – 1: How much money does it take to join the affiliate program? 

Answer: You will not need any money to join the affiliate program. You can join absolutely free.

Question – 2: How to promote affiliate products?

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Answer: The best ways to promote or market affiliate products are through blog websites, YouTube, and Facebook pages. There must be a lot of traffic.

Question – 3: What kind of product promotion or marketing?

Answer: Currently some of the profitable products sold are – 

  1. Mobile / Smartphone
  2. Books
  3. Domain and Hosting
  4. WordPress theme
  5. clothes
  6. Laptop
  7. Many more products

How to make money from affiliate marketing?

You can take money earned from affiliates into your bank account. Moreover, you can take the affiliate marketing commission money on your master card. There you will find all kinds of options to withdraw money.

What did we learn today?

So friends, today we learned what is affiliate marketing. How to start affiliate marketing? How much money will you earn? How to withdraw money? I discussed this in detail in full. If you have any queries about this article then comment below. I will answer And if you like the affiliate marketing guidelines, share them with your friends.

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