What is Affiliate Marketing? And how is it done?

Friends, if you also want to know what is Affiliate Marketing and how it is done, then stay connected with me, because in today’s article we are going to tell you what is Affiliate Marketing and how to create an Affiliate account, how to do Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate How to earn money from Marketing, what are the benefits of Affiliate Marketing, will give you complete information on all these topics.

In today’s Internet era, people who are doing online business must know about Affiliate Marketing, but if you do not know what Affiliate Marketing is, how to do Affiliate Marketing, and how to create Affiliate Account, then you do not need to worry. Yes, we will give you all the information related to Affiliate marketing in easy language.

So let’s know why Affiliate marketing is in easy language –

What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? And how is it done

Affiliate marketing is such a platform, through which you can earn commission by selling the product of any company through your website. 

For your information, let us tell you that commission depends on the product, that is, which category of product you promote, if you promote fashion and lifestyle products, then you get more commission while electronics products get less. And try to do an affiliate marketing of the product of the same category to which your website belongs.

Friends, in today’s time, people like to do online shopping, so online shopping is trending at this time, in such a situation, many bloggers are earning more money than Adsense by selling e-commerce products on their websites.

In such a situation, if you are a blogger, then you can also earn money by doing affiliate marketing. But for this you do not need to do a Ph.D., just you have to create an affiliate account on the e-commerce website. After that, you can do affiliate marketing.

How to create an Affiliate account?

Affiliate marketing can be done from many websites like amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, etc.

You must also have some important documents to create an Affiliate Account. such as –

  • Name
  • Email Id
  • Mobile Number
  • Address
  • Website या Apps
  • Pan card
  • Account number, IFSC

How to create Amazon Affiliate Account?

  • First of all, you have to go to the website of amazon.com.
  • After that you will scroll down then you will see the option of Becoming an affiliate.
  • After that you will click on Become an affiliate then you will see some type of interface.
  • After that, you will click on “ sign up ”. So it will look something like this.
  • After that you will enter your email id and password and click on Sign in, then you will see this type of interface.
  • After that, if you are from the US then select Yes otherwise select No and click on Next.
  • After that, you will enter the URL of your website or app and click on Add.
  • After that after filling in all the details, you will click on Next.
  • After that clicking on Now will fill in the bank account details.
  • So in this way, your Amazon Affiliate Account will be complete. After that, you can add any product on Amazon and add its link to your website.

What are the benefits of Affiliate marketing?

  • You don’t have to go out to sell any product. You can sell through your website or app or social media sitting at home.
  • There is no charge to join affiliate marketing.
  • In this, we do not have to wait for the offer, we can sell the product anytime.

Conclusions:  In today’s article, what is affiliate marketing, and how is it done, the information I have shared with you, how did you like the information given by me, do tell in the comment box.

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